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Lily Leticia and the Book of Practical Magic

Mikki Sadil


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Lily Leticia is in Trouble. Deep Trouble. Of course, that shouldn’t be too surprising. She is only eleven years old, has an IQ of 160, and is in high school. Her classmates ignore her, because, after all, she should still be in elementary school. Kids her own age ignore her, because, after all, she is somewhat of a freak. Unfortunately, Trouble just seems to follow Lily Leticia around…with only a little help from her. Now, however, Lily Leticia has found an old book, one that her Native American friend, Joseph Spotted Elk, has told her to put back immediately in the trunk where she found it. He claims there are Indian spirits in the book, that it is ancient magic, and she should not even be touching it. Magic? Combined with an IQ higher than most of her teachers? This is right up Lily Leticia’s alley! If she ever thought she was in Trouble before The Book, it was nothing compared to the Trouble she’s going to be in.


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Je lis ce que je veux ! (10+), Romans adolescents, Science Fiction et fantasy, Romans SF et fantasy