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Ron'sé the ahlendser

Jonathan Simard, Geneviève Lamarche-Reid, Guy Buckley


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Ron'sé, a young ahlendser, is living in the most baleful era of his people. Despite his young age, he finds that his peers are not able to manage the situation properly. He thus decides to take control of his destiny. But even with his great courage, will he succeed in changing the mindset of the ahlendsera? Available in epub, pdf and mobi format. This 28-page eBook is a tale for all ages. Adults will take as much pleasure as their kids reading this children’s litterature. The So-Lam tales are written with a rich vocabulary. The plot will get the young thinking, because nothing is simple in So-Lam! The ideal children’s book!


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Lire, c'est sympa (8-10 ans), Je lis ce que je veux ! (10+), Livres d'éveil, Romans jeunesse