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The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

Bédier Joseph, Belloc Hilaire


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"... And would you have me, at such a time, implore your pardon of the King? Why, did he know of my passage here to-night he would cast my ashes to the wind My body trembles and I am afraid I go, for I have waited too long” In the branches the King smiled and had pity And as Iseult fled: “Queen,” said Tristan, “in the Lord’s name help me, for charity” “Friend,” she replied, “God aid you! The King wrongs you but the Lord God will be by you in whatever land you go” So she went back to the women’s rooms and told it to Brangien, who cried: “Iseult, God has worked a miracle for you, for He is compassionate and will not hurt the innocent in heart” And when he had left the orchard, the King said smiling: “Fair nephew, that ride you planned is over now” But in an open glade apart, Frocin, the Dwarf, read in the clear stars that the King now meant his death; he blackened with shame and fear and fled into Wales ..."








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